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$9 every month
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Monthly Virtual Hangouts
Tour Vlogs/Band Diaries
Rare Footage from 2013-Now
Exclusive Merchandise Access
Personalized Messages/Shout-Outs
Special Discounts

$97.00 Value
$67.00 Value
$67.00 Value
$67.00 Value
$47.00 Value
$19.99 Value

$364.99/month Total Value

Get ALL This Today For Just

$9/month or $97/year

***Annual Plan Includes 2 Free Months***

Take a peak behind the stage and backstage with KIRRA by joining the Roadie Tier! Inside your membership, you will get access to tour vlogs that show what it's like to hit the road with KIRRA. You also get access to private band diaries that show what life is like when the guys are at home away from the craziness of the road.

Get access to the KIRRA's Private Vault of rare footage that dates all the way back to some of the very first rehearsals that the band ever had all the way to today! Watch hours of footage of the guys as they climb the ranks of the business.

Do you like getting really good discounts on a regular basis? In this tier, you will get special discounts that aren't available to anyone outside of our fan club. Whether it's New Years discounts or 20% off just for fun, you'll always have a good deal at the merch store.

Finally, have you ever wanted one of the guys to wish you a happy birthday? Or maybe even just send you a shoutout or a word of encouragement? Well now you can get access to a Cameo-type personalized message from your choice of band member or the whole band if you'd like. Get your personalized thank you when you join the Roadie Tier today!

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