Die Hard Tier

Plan Price
$27 every month
$197 every year

***Annual Plan Includes 4 Months FREE***

What You're Going To Get

Inside The Die-Hard Tier...

What You're Going To Get

Inside The Die-Hard Tier...


Get Your Name In Album Credits

Have you ever wanted your name on a KIRRA album? Well when you join the Die Hard Tier you will be added to the thank you's in any KIRRA release that happens while you're a member.

$997.00 Value


Play Video Games w/ The Band

This tier has some of the most exclusive and interactive rewards that the guys in KIRRA have to offer. Play XBOX Live in a private party with members of the band on some of their favorite games.

$497.00/mo Value


Monthly Lessons w/ Dax or Gabe

Want to learn from some of the guys 1-on-1? You can also chose to take guitar lessons from Dax or vocal lessons from Gabriel! The guys will work with you once a month and give you personalized instruction to help you reach your goals.

$197.00/mo Value


Behind The Scenes In The Studio

Have KIRRA take you into the studio with our behind the scenes videos! It will be like you're right overt the guys shoulders as they create new music for you!

$197.00/mo Value


Plus ALL Previous Tiers Perks!!!

On top of everything we've mentioned so far, you're also going to have access to ALL of the Roadie tier perks AND the Fanatic tier perks included whenever you become a Die-Hard tier member today!

$785.99/mo Value

Here's Our 'You've Gotta Be Crazy' Guarantee...

Here's Our 'You've Gotta Be Crazy' Guarantee...

Listen, we know this Fan Club is one of the best in the music business, and so we wanted to show how much we believe in this Fan Club by offering a guarantee so good, so crazy that anyone would be crazy not to take this incredible offer we have for you...

If you don't absolutely LOVE your Fan Club membership or feel like it's just not a good fit for some reason, we're going to completely refund 100% of your initial investment today AND you can stay in the Fan Club for the rest of the month if you reach out within the first 30 days!

Is it alright if we over-deliver? That means this is literally a RISK-FREE offer!

Not sure if this will be a good fit? Don't worry about that now, because you've got 30 days to decide whether you want this amazing Fan Club membership with all the irresistible offer we've put together for you!

We don't care if it's 29 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes after you join, we'll protect your investment into the Fan Club with this crazy guarantee!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get Today When You Become A "Die-Hard" Tier Member Today!

Get Your Name in Album/EP Credits
Play Xbox Live w/ the Band
Monthly 1-on-1 Lesson w/ Dax or Gabe
Behind the Scenes In the Studio
Exclusive Acoustic Performances
Monthly Virtual Hangouts
Live Action Playthroughs
Early Access to Unreleased Music
Private Live Show Vault
Tour Vlogs/Band Diaries
Rare Footage from 2013-Now
Exclusive Merchandise
Personalized Messages/Shout-Outs
Special Discounts

$997.00 Value
$497.00 Value
$197.00 Value
$197.00 Value
$197.00 Value
$97.00 Value
$97.00 Value
$97.00 Value
$74.00 Value
$67.00 Value
$67.00 Value
$50.00 Value
$47.00 Value
$19.99 Value

$2,700.99/month Total Value

Get ALL This Today For Just

$27/month or $197/year

***Annual Plan Includes 4 Months FREE***

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