Writing New Songs for the Next Record

Hey everyone! So here was the plan...haha, we were going to do a few tours to close out the year then start writing for a new record! We really wanted to take December off to relax, write, and come up with new ideas for 2016! Since January, we have been on the road from our "Run Away CD Release Tour" all the way to our last tour coming up in November. Keep an eye on our tour dates to see where we will be!

Also, we have an official Mailing List that would be awesome for you guys! Exclusive material goes out to everyone signed up! Finally, go add us on SnapChat! We are under KIRRA.

Kickin' Wing Tour In Progress! Update from the road!

Hey everybody!! We are about 7 shows in and we have had an awesome time. This has been the first tour that we've ever done with as many dates as there are. We work very hard on our music and take a lot of pride in it, which makes it worth it when we have to work or school all week to get to do these shows. The main goal is to make a living doing this and the fact we can take off for a month touring is a great milestone in our career! Thank you to all the fans that have helped make this possible.

Mesa Boogie!!

We are proud to announce that Kirra is officially sponsored by Mesa Engineering! Ever since we were young we have always been fans of Mesa Boogie and all the artists that use them, as well as the amps and tones themselves. This is an extreme honor of ours, and we are beyond grateful! Thank you to the fans who have supported us for the past 2 years and for all the years to come. Thank you also to Mesa Boogie for this amazing opportunity, we'll make you proud!

KIRRA Got Endorsed!!

Hello everyone! Recently, Kirra has gotten sponsored by two very cool companies! The first is Dirtbag Clothing, and the last is InTune Guitar Picks! Such an honor to be associated with these great companies and to start a long lasting business relationship with them. Also, little secret information that you can only get here. Kirra is currently working on ideas for the next music video!! Stay tuned for more information!

Album Name Announced!!

After many hours of throwing ideas out! We have collectively decided that the name of our upcoming album will be named "Run Away". This album is our debut, but still we thought it was only right to show the world who we are, to do this album as bare bone & raw as possible. Out of all the tracks on this album we feel Run Away was the best fit. We can't wait to show you all!